When It Comes To Hair Removal, Invest On Victoria Skin Elysion Pro

Having unwanted hair can be an instant confidence buster. While there are other ways to remove unwanted hair like waxing and shaving, these can leave intense damage to the skin. At Victoria Skin, we ensure to offer our clients only the premium services that offer the best possible solution to your skin concerns.

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair on underarms, legs, arms, face, back or chest, Victoria Skin has in its roster of premium services the Elysion Pro laser hair removal. It’s the most practical choice because of its effectiveness compared to regularly having to wax and shave. It also has fewer implications for your skin health.

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Choose Elysion Pro laser hair removal with Victoria Skin

Laser hair removal is probably one of the most innovative hair removal procedures. If you’ve been waxing or shaving to get rid of your unwanted hair, you would be surprised to see the difference in the immediate results if you undergo laser hair removal treatment such as the one that Victoria Skin is offering its clients: Elysion Pro laser hair removal.

When it comes to hair removal, the laser targets the melanin to destroy the hair follicle. This discourages the hair to regrow as thick and darker, which is typical consequence when you choose to wax or shave.

More evident, significant, to permanent results are achieved with every session of Victoria Skin Elysion Pro.

How Elysion Pro works and what results you can expect

The Elysion Pro laser is among the most advanced in the laser hair removal scene right now. Unlike other laser hair removal treatments, the Elysion Pro has advanced functions and is designed to deliver effective results to all skin types, something that others lack.

Victoria Skin has made sure to include Elysion Pro in its lineup of high-quality equipment because it has proven to deliver a high-powered, medical-grade diode laser, emitting light energy with a wavelength that can selectively target melanin to destroy the hair follicle. This is the most ideal scenario since its accuracy leaves surrounding skin tissues undamaged. We at Victoria Skin believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise a lot when it comes to working on what would be best for your skin health.

Since Victoria Skin Elysion Pro hair removal laser treatment’s ultimate goal is to permanently reduce and in the long-term, eliminate hair growth, this is the best investment you can choose compared to regularly spending on shaving and waxing.

Imagine this, no more going back and forth to waving salons or mishaps from shaving yourselves in the morning that only result in ingrown hair. Not to mention going through these painful procedures!

Now, with Victoria Skin Elysion Pro, you get that confidence boost, pain-free and hassle-free!
Come visit Victoria Skin now or book a session and meet our team of skin experts and experience our premium services that make you a VIP.

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